About Us

A Trusted Investor for Value-oriented Stockholders

Granite Point Mortgage Trust Inc. is a long-term, fundamental value-oriented investor that operates as a real estate investment trust. We’re internally managed and focus on floating-rate, senior first mortgage loans secured by institutional quality, value-add properties.

We have built a strong and defensive investment portfolio that preserves capital while generating attractive returns over the long term, primarily through dividends generated by income from our current loan portfolio.

Our Key Benefits for Investors

Trusted Leadership

Our senior investment team has long-tenured experience in the commercial real estate debt market. Our leaders have successfully led through many economic and real estate cycles.

Differentiated Strategy

We target primary and secondary markets through a unique origination platform that provides exceptional sourcing capabilities.

Rigorous Selection

We select investments with strong credit characteristics in markets exhibiting positive fundamentals and emphasize robust underwriting, structuring, and asset management.

Portfolio Balance

We continue to expand and diversify a high credit quality portfolio of $2.8 billion in commitments.

Long-term Value

Our investors enjoy attractive investment opportunities thanks to our fundamentally sound approach to CRE debt investing.

Attractive Returns

We continue to strengthen a substantial capital base that can support an attractive return profile.

Building a Compelling Investment Portfolio with Scale

We originate, invest in, and manage a portfolio of primarily senior floating-rate commercial real estate loans and other debt instruments in attractive markets across the U.S. Our investments are secured by institutional quality commercial properties and managed by experienced owners.

Our stockholders enjoy ongoing attractive returns over the long term, primarily through dividends. We achieve an attractive returns profile by continuing to strengthen our capital base, grow our diversified portfolio and manage risks.

With a veteran and highly flexible team, we can quickly adjust our investment strategy to target opportunities. Our strengths have allowed us to navigate multiple cycles of economic and market turbulence effectively.

A Direct Origination Platform Targeting Attractive Loans

Our senior originators have 15-25+ years of experience, and have built strong relationships with a wide variety of market participants, including owners/operators, private equity funds, family offices and mortgage brokers.

Leveraging a Wealth of Relationships

We directly source a broad array of potential investment opportunities from which we select the best investments for our portfolio.  Over our team’s long tenure in the industry, we have developed relationships with a wide range of market participants and typically have multiple touchpoints on any particular transaction.  Since our founding in 2015, our team has evaluated and sourced tens of billions of dollars of potential opportunities and selectively closed on over $7 billion.

Executing a Highly Disciplined Sourcing Process

We’ve developed a rigorous sourcing process that emphasizes timely and reliable feedback to our counterparties and allows us to select the best investments for our portfolio. We have an efficient feedback loop between various functional areas such as origination/underwriting, finance/capital markets and legal to insure a smooth closing process with all of our counterparties. As a result, a large part of our business involves repeat business with our borrowers.

Coordinating Timely, Comprehensive Asset Management

Our asset management process is designed to track our investments on a timely basis and quickly identify any potential variances from the business plan. In addition, our team is responsible for reviewing operating and capital budgets, approving leases and maintaining an on-going dialogue with our borrowers.

Growing an Attractive Investment Portfolio

Our investors appreciate our comprehensive and rigorous investment selection approach. We execute a differentiated origination strategy and invest in the most attractive opportunities to continue to expand and diversify our durable portfolio.

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Led by a Seasoned Team

Our leadership team is comprised of professionals from multidisciplinary backgrounds who have successfully navigated many economic and marketing cycles.

A History of Investment Success

Since our IPO in 2017, we have significantly grown our portfolio and provided fundamental value to our investors while weathering multiple economic, interest rate, and real estate cycles.

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